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Experiential tourism

What is experiential tourism?

Traditionally, the marketing approach for tourism across much of England and France, has been centred on promoting mass-market locations during peak season. This is known as ‘destination tourism’. 

However trends show that travellers are increasingly seeking experiences in which they feel a sense of adventure and discovery. They want to immerse themselves in new cultures and explore local foods, activities and arts. This is known as ‘experiential tourism’. 

This new demand is the inspiration for EXPERIENCE. It will create a new tourism strategy to shift from a ‘destination’ to ‘experiential’ tourism approach. 

Sustainable tourism 

The EXPERIENCE approach is based on the principles of sustainable tourism:

  • Generate economic prosperity
  • Bring benefits to the environment and communities
  • Mitigate any impact of increased visitor numbers

The project will achieve this by:

  • Enhancing protected habitats
  • Using low-carbon options. For example, solar and automated lighting and heating, using local suppliers to reduce food miles and opting for recycled materials for signs and surfaces

The idea is that revenue generated in the six project areas will be fed back into their local economies. This will help protect and maintain their natural and cultural attractions. 

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