I Walked Away and White Ribbon campaign resources

Every year the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Board run a campaign, to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. For more information see the United Nations website.

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25 November is White Ribbon Day and marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.  A new DA campaign was launched in June by County community safety partners under the banner #iwalkedaway, which is Norfolk’s campaign for this year.  Later this month, we will be introducing ‘Is this You?’ to the campaign to encourage self-reflection of perpetrators’ behaviour.  The campaign will see activity and events around national White Ribbon Day on 25 November.

If each of you did something, big or small, to raise awareness, we could reach thousands of people.  We would be very appreciative if you could raise awareness and let us know what you have done (either a photo or a short blurb) by emailing it to us at da.change@norfolk.gov.uk.  It would be fantastic if people can get creative with their ideas, and help out others if they are stuck.  We have compiled a few ideas below – who wants a White Ribbon non-uniform day?

While most forms of domestic abuse and sexual violence are first and foremost a crime, tackling it requires action not just from the police and the Criminal Justice System, but from a large number of agencies and services, including key local authority services.  As such, this is a priority for the County Community Safety Partnership.

View a list of organised events that occurred in 2016.

  • Wearing white ribbon clothing – so people ask why
  • Super Hero dress up day with donations to a local DA Charity
  • Have a white ribbon day at work (in hair, shoe laces, pinned on clothes, white bow tie or moustache)
  • Sell white ribbons at your workplace
  • Raising money for DA charity (runs, walks, swims, cycles, bake sale (white ribbon cupcakes)
  • Organise a walk with a group of people. Inform other walkers on route
  • Choosing a novel at a book club to raise awareness (e.g. Brave – Adele Bellis)
  • Tying white ribbons to your dog’s collar and informing other dog walkers about White Ribbon Day
  • Write a blog if you have your own webpage or contributing to your organisations newsletter
  • Share events and news articles on Social Media
  • An Autumn clean of the house, donating items to your local Women’s refuges/charity – informing friends/family why
  • Look into volunteering opportunities
  • Hosting a film/documentary night with friends
  • TWEET!
  • Set up a display or stall (work, supermarkets, church, community centre)
  • If creative, knit, sew, crochet (white ribbons on things)
  • Putting up an information board with posters, leaflets etc
  • Plan a fundraising event in your community
  • Invite a guest speaker on Domestic Abuse to speak at your workplace or at a club or group you are part of
  • Sign up to our Thunderclap

Team meeting ideas

  • Talking about a case that has been positive
  • Bringing in a news article that has interested you to discuss
  • Creating a short quiz for the team
  • Cascading some of the training you have undertaken as a Champion

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