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30 activities

Try out our 30-day activity challenge. Remember to leave yourself plenty of room and have a grown-up nearby.

Get your grown-ups to post us pictures on Facebook of your obstacle course – we'd love to see how adventurous you are.

Day 1

Make up a dance routine and teach it to a family member or a friend online.

Day 2

Lie flat on the floor and place your hand on your tummy. Take deep breaths in and out. Try repeating this for a few minutes.

Day 3

Before you head out for a walk, write a list of objects that you might spot whilst you’re out. Tick them off as you spot them.

Day 4

Practise some different stretches. Hold each one for 5-10 seconds.

Day 5

Have many different ways can you move around the floor? Crawling? Hopping?

Day 6

Imitate the way different animals move around. Can somebody guess which animal you are pretending to be?

Day 7

Set up a hoop or something you can use as a target in your house or garden. See how many times you can throw an object into your target in 1 minute.

Day 8

Set up 2 markers 5 metres distance apart. How many times can you run there and back in 20 seconds? What about 30 seconds? 1 minute?

Day 9

How many times can you pass a ball around your waist in 60 seconds? Want a challenge…try it with a balloon.

Day 10

Choose 3 objects to use as markers and use a ball to try and hit each of the targets. Move further away from each marker as a challenge.

Day 11

Use a balloon to see how many keepy-uppies you can do in 1 minute.

Day 12

Make your own warm up to teach someone. What stretches could you include? Which muscles would you be stretching?

Day 13

Create your own gymnastics floor routine to perform to family.

Day 14

Measure out a 1 mile route to follow. Time how long it takes you to complete. Choose how you want to complete it.

Day 15

Grab some objects from around your house and design some games to play with your family.

Day 16

Before you go for a walk, write a letter to a friend or family member. Post it on your walk, through their door if they live locally, or find a post box if not.

Day 17

Throw a ball against a wall and catch it. See how many times you can catch it without dropping in a chosen time. For a challenge, try 1 handed.

Day 18

Set up an obstacle course using objects from around the house. Time how long it takes you to complete.

Day 19

Mark out a set of wickets using a bin and some tape. Bowl a ball and try to hit the target. Score 1 point for hitting the bin and 3 points for hitting the wickets.

Day 20

Sit comfortably and set a timer for one minute. Breathe deeply in and out, paying attention to any sounds you hear and any sensations you feel.

Day 21

Choose some objects from around the house and create a scavenger hunt for someone to complete.

Day 22

Have a go at making your own den. Use objects from inside the home or head outside and use lots of natural materials.

Day 23

Gather 10 items that all have lids on. Remove all the lids. Time how long it takes you to place all the lids back on the objects.

Day 24

With your back to a wall, squat down so your legs are at a 90 degree angle. See how long you can hold it for.

Day 25

Design your own maze using a variety of equipment. Now have a go at completing it.

Day 26

With a partner, practise throwing and catching a ball to each other. Move further apart to make it more difficult.

Day 27

Use a skipping rope and see how many skips you can do without stopping. Try hopping on alternate feet whilst moving the rope.

Day 28

Choose a balance. Pick a spot on the floor to help you focus and see how long you can hold the balance for.

Day 29

Stand with your feet together. Use your arms to help you jump as far as you can. Measure out how far you have jumped.

Day 30

You did it! Choose your favourite challenge. Complete 10 star jumps, 5 press ups and 10 lunges. For a challenge, double them!

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