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Norwich and Norfolk Eco Awards success stories

Last year’s winners show how it’s possible to embed an environmental ethos into your everyday daily life, whether it’s at school, work or in your local community.

Rackheath Primary School
Reepham High School
Barnwell Print

Buxton Potato Company

Buxton Potato Company farms 550 acres of land, growing salad, baking and roasting potatoes. Having audited their carbon footprint year on year since 2011, they have now put measures in place to decrease their carbon emissions.

Between 2011 and 2014 they reduced their carbon footprint by an impressive 116 tonnes through a number of initiatives including:

  • Installing solar panels
  • Installing a bio mass boiler at home
  • Fitting low-energy LED lighting
  • Adding GPS to tractor steering to decrease overlaps and therefore diesel use
  • Adapting growing methods to grow cover crops to return nitrogen to the soil, and by doing so increasing organic matter and reducing fertiliser use

Their work also earned them a Gold Carbon Charter Norfolk award.

Sarah Cox

Sarah is a passionate environmentalist and has led a number of innovative projects at Colby School, supporting the school’s Eco Council.

She’s organised textile recycling events, involving the local community as well as planning creative art projects using recycled bottle tops, helping children to create beautiful works of art.

Sarah's ideas have led to significant improvements in the grounds of Colby School. She has helped to build willow tunnels and willow domes in the school garden.

Sarah was also the mastermind behind the school’s most recent Eco Week, aimed at educating the next generation of environmentalists. Each class undertook their own energy research project studying tidal power, biofuels, solar energy, wind power and hydro-electric power.

Sarah also helped families and community members plant over 400 bulbs, in memory of a former governor of the school, Mr Eric Allaway.

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