Eco small/medium business winner - Liftshare

Started in Norwich in the 1990’s and still based here today, Liftshare tackles the issue of how to reduce the number of cars on the road by encouraging drivers to share journeys.

Now the biggest car sharing community in the UK, Liftshare provides a free, public service that’s open to all at

Norwich resident and founder, Ali Clabburn, tells us about the experience of applying for and winning an award.

"Liftshare does a lot of good things, but the challenge is getting people to hear about us. So the more awareness we have about what we do the better – one of the reasons we applied for the Eco Awards.

"It was amazing to be a winner! The ceremony was fantastic – so great to see other businesses doing wonderful things locally. I also managed to get a new recruit out of the process – I hired one of the people who was there that evening and she’s been great!"

And would Ali encourage other local businesses to apply?

"Definitely, go for it! Obviously winning the award is a big plus, but also just going through the process helps to remind you just how valuable what you are doing is, and going through the judging process is a really good way of bench-marking yourself against others. So, worst case is you feel good about yourselves and best case is you go to the ceremony and end up getting an award! But it is definitely well worth every minute you spend on it."

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