Eco community group winner - Foodcyle Norwich

This Norwich based community project connects local retailers, such as supermarkets, market stalls and bakeries, with volunteers to divert waste food away from landfill and cook weekly nutritious meals for a mix of people who want them.

“All too often local businesses throw away food that has reached or is soon to reach its best before date, but is still perfectly good to eat.”

Although it had not happened before in the history of the Eco Awards, judges felt so strongly that this entry was a deserving winner they nominated them again for the second year in a row.

“We applied again this year because we did so well last year, and we thought why not go for it. The environment is a key ethos behind Foodcycle and so we thought it was quite fitting.

"Winning an Eco Award for the second year running was a proud moment, considering what we are trying to do. Though there are lots of other perks to Foodcycle, such as bringing communities together, helping those less fortunate, providing opportunities for those who feel socially excluded and so forth, I think first and foremost it's reducing food waste, so it is good to be recognised for that.”

The group started up in 2011 and since then have served 16,183 meals, diverting an incredible 22 tonnes of food from going straight to landfill.

Since winning the award last year Foodcycle set up another group in west Norwich and, though it's early days, the feedback has been good and the numbers are growing.

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