Eco food producer winner - Woodfruits

Norfolk-based Woodfruits, growers of shiitake mushrooms, were our eco food producer winners.

Judges were highly impressed with the sustainable way this business is run. Completely off-grid, it provides its own energy, heat and water for the mushrooms onsite. All the buildings are upcycled or recycled structures without permanent foundations to minimise environmental impact.

In addition, Woodfruits has planted over 3,000 native hardwood trees to create hedging and made sure their delivery routes are fuel efficient.

"We’re really proud of what we achieved and we wanted to see whether our efforts would be recognised, as well as how we compared with similar businesses out there.

"Ultimately it’s just really lovely to have the recognition from the outside world for what to us is just common sense. We’ve put our Eco Awards banner on our farmer market’s stall. We’re really proud of it.

" Plans for the future include solar panels and we intend to introduce a reedbed system to deal with sewage waste.”

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