Eco home winner - Matthew White of Silver Road

Local resident, Matthew White, wanted to make his home in north Norwich more energy efficient. Judges were impressed by the huge amount of measures he’d installed in a short period of time.

“I wanted to see how energy efficient I could make our Victorian terrace and reduce our fuel bills at the same time. The main investment was our solar panels. We’ve also installed external and cavity wall insulation. We’ve used sheep wool in our bathroom roof and cork on the floor, which is a sustainable product.

"In the garden there are water butts and the lawn is planted with clover to encourage wildlife, with mixed native hedging around the border.

"It’s been great to win an Eco Award. A lot of people have been really interested and want to talk to me about it – and it does seem I’ve inspired others to make eco improvements at home too. Of course it’s lovely to be recognised for all the work I’ve done on the house as well!”

Plans for the future?

“I want to do more to the house. I’d love to get energy storage and then convert the heating to electric, get underfloor heating and get rid of the radiators, turn the gas stove to an electric stove then with a storage system it could almost be off-grid. Some underfloor insulation would help with that too.”

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