Eco secondary school winners – Flegg High School

Solar panels, a wind turbine and bio-mass boiler are just a few of the environmental measures that Flegg High has put in place to ensure sustainability is central to school life.

Amazingly, the school has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 72 per cent since 2009, far exceeding the national carbon reduction target.

It also advises other schools and businesses on sustainability, as well as providing fruit and veg for local restaurants and the school canteen from its vegetable garden.

Teacher Ruth Bullard tells us why the environment is so important to the school:

“Looking after the environment is embedded in everything we do. The kids don’t comment on our wind turbines or solar panels, it’s just a part of school life, but they understand how these measures and their behaviour contribute to the world’s carbon footprint.

"We’ve never spent time reflecting on everything we’ve done, so applying for an eco award forced us to do that and we realised we’ve done a huge amount! Everyone was properly thrilled to win the award. It was great to be recognised externally what we’ve done and use the publicity encourage other schools to do the same.”

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