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Active Travel Fund - Phase two measures

Phase 2 will deliver more significant improvements which will require formal design procedures to be followed and will therefore take longer to deliver than phase 1 schemes. These works will be more permanent in nature; for example, cycle lane installation, permanent footway widening etc.

Work on developing phase 2 measures has commenced. Several hundred suggestions have already been received from a wide variety of stakeholders across Norfolk.

A full design process will be followed before these improvements can be constructed. We anticipate schemes will begin to be delivered late 2020/early 2021, subject to successful funding. The DfT have supplied example intervention measures they will support. These are as follows:

Cycling infrastructure:

  • New permanent, fully segregated urban cycleway or similar
  • New temporary segregated cycleway
  • Installing segregation to make an existing cycle route safer
  • Point closures of roads to through traffic, apart from buses, access and disabled

Walking infrastructure:

  • New permanent or temporary footway, or widening of existing footways

Complementary measures (as part of a wider scheme):

  • Provision of secure cycle parking facilities
  • Restriction or reduction of parking availability
  • Area-wide interventions (pedestrian and cycling zones, school streets; and other initiatives to support cycling and walking to schools)
  • Park and cycle/stride/scooter facilities, and support for e-scooter trials
  • Selective road closures using planters, cones or similar
  • Provision for monitoring and evaluation of schemes

The DfT invited applications for Phase 2 on 10 July with a deadline for submissions by 7 August. They awarded funding in November 2020.

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