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All Age Norfolk Autism Partnership Board

Norfolk County Council, clinical commissioning groups and their partners want to listen to people with autism and their families Through working with people with autism and their families, the Norfolk Autism Partnership Board (NAPB) have created a draft All-age Autism Strategy, setting out how support and services need to develop in Norfolk.

Engagement events are taking place to confirm the key principles and make recommendations.  An event was held in Great Yarmouth on 22 November and another will take place in Norwich in January.

The NAPB have also worked with public health to produce a draft assessment of autism needs.  Events are taking place to advise and confirm the recommendations.  The next engagement event will take place in mid-January.

If you would like to attend or receive a copy of the All-age Autism strategy or draft assessment of autism needs to comment on, please email

Join the Norfolk Autism Partnership Group (NAPG)

We are looking for people with autism and their family members to be involved in an open conversation as part of the Norfolk Autism Partnership Group (NAPG), and get an update on the work we are doing. The next open forums will be held on*:

  • Tuesday, 14 May 2019, 5-8pm at Ayton House, 11-17 Ayton Road, Wymondham, NR18 0QQ
  • Thursday, 1 August 2019, 10.30am-1.30pm at Kings Centre, 30 Queen Anne’s Road, Great Yarmouth, NR31 0LE
  • Thursday, 31 October 2019, 10.30am-1.30pm at the Colman Room, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH
  • Wednesday, 12 February 2020, 5-8pm in North Norfolk (venue TBA)

* Please note that while we do our best to maintain these dates and times, they may be subject to change. Please check back here regularly for updates.

There is no need to register - just arrive and get involved.  A quiet room will also be available.

The NAPG provides opportunities for people with autism of all ages from all over Norfolk.  It provides an open forum for autism conversation and wider engagement with the autism community, and a chance to get updates from the Norfolk Autism Partnership Board (NAPB).

Norfolk Autism Partnership Board (NAPB)

The board is inclusive and ensures the active participation of experts by experience, parents and carers.  The decision-making board meets four times a year to inform the creation and implementation of an action plan to deliver the national Autism Strategy in Norfolk.  The board influences the NHS and local authority commissioners with the aim of developing improved services for children, young people and adults who may have autism.   It will raise awareness of autism within the wider community and work to enable people with autism to be fully included in society.

NAPB meeting minutes

Working groups

Working groups are in place to oversee the implementation of the plans as set out by the NAPB.  These groups are inclusive and involve experts by experience, parents and carers.  They ensure everyone has a role, responsibility and ownership of the problems and explores all the solutions.

The next updates from the NAPB working groups are due in February 2019.

Engagement with people

  • Work together to oversee the development that creates and implements an adult, parent, children and young people engagement exercise
  • Work together to oversee the work that identifies key themes and findings from the engagement exercise to inform future work, priorities and planning

Update from the engagement group - October 2018

A communication and engagement plan is in draft:

  • This plan sets out how the NAPB will communicate with the autistic people and their families/carers
  • It says how we will make sure we involve autistic people and their families/carers in decisions that affect them
  • The plan will look at everyone that is involved in the NAPB/NAPG and identify how they would prefer to be kept up-to-date and involved in what is happening

Work is progressing well on the “Adults with Autism” survey, with a pilot being arranged.

The next step is to focus on children and young children moving into adulthood.

Data collection

  • Work together to oversee the development of the National Autism Self Assessment
  • Work together to oversee the development of a central point of information that informs planning across Children’s and Adults

Update from the data collection group - October 2018

We have received the national Autism Self-assessment and are working with partners the NAPG to return it by 14 December.  This shows our progress towards meeting the requirements of the Autism Act.  The results will be reflected within the Autism Strategy Implementation Plan for Norfolk.

We created an Autism Report, outlining the data that organisations collect at the moment.  The next step is to review the results to inform the needs of Norfolk and reflect this within the All-age Autism Strategy.

Diagnostic pathways

  • Work together to oversee the delivery of a transparent autism diagnostic pathways that are understood by everyone and are within the waiting time guidelines and NICE guidelines

Update from the diagnosis pathways group - October 2018

The NAPB agreed to review the membership of the working group, to provide a clearer focus on presenting transparent and accessible diagnostic pathways by March 2019.

The pathways to getting an assessment for autism vary greatly between areas so below you will find guidance on how the process may look when you start.  If you need advice the Autism Advice Team are here to talk it through with you.  For further information see the Autism Anglia website.

Workforce development

  • Work together to oversee the development of approaches to achieve autism awareness across Norfolk

Update from the workforce development group - October 2018

An autism e-learning module is being developed.  The working group is looking at how to roll out the e-learning training to a wider audience that could include the constabulary, criminal justice, schools and GPs.

The next steps are to commission a specialist training course for key staff.  We will define what the training should look like and the skills those delivering the training should have to ensure it is to a high standard.

How to join the NAPB

The NAPB is set up to respond to the Autism Act, with the aim of developing improved services for children, young people and adults who have or who may have autism.

Should you wish to be involved in the work of the Norfolk Autism Partnership Board, please submit an expression of interest to  The roles are:

  • Younger autistic person (aged 14-24)
  • Autistic adult (aged 25-54)
  • Older autistic person (aged 55 or older)
  • Parent/carers

As roles or opportunities within working groups become available, we will contact you to provide more information.

If you are interested in getting involved or would like to put yourself forward, please email with:

  • Which role you are applying for
  • Why you would like to join the board
  • How you feel you could contribute – your experience of autism

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