Restorative approaches self-assessment tool and development plan

The restorative approaches self-assessment tool allows your organisation or team to show evidence of your current level of use of restorative approaches against the standards and to create your development plan for improvement

Self-assessment tool

The tool will review how restorative approaches are used internally within your organisation or team, as well as with the people you work with.

The self-assessment process requires members of your staff and client group to endorse or add to the evidence you provide. This helps to safeguard against tokenism, and most importantly, to give information about the impact of working restoratively.

This self-assessment can be completed by a whole organisation, department or team. We believe, however, that it will be more effective if completed at team level (one per team) to give the most honest reflection of the use of restorative approaches in all aspects of business. All members of the team should be involved in the process to give the most accurate result.  

If there are changes to the team dynamic, you may choose to redo the self-assessment to ensure that all staff are engaged in the process.

To complete a plan and find out more visit how the self-assessment tool works.

Development plan

Once you have completed the assessment tool, you will have identified areas for development.

Read more information and guidance on creating a development plan.