Unauthorised encampments

An unauthorised encampment is where any person camps on land they do not own. The owner of the land, whether a public body or private individual is responsible for taking action to remove the encampment.

The Norfolk and Suffolk Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Service can work on behalf of public and private landowners to:

  • Manage unauthorised encampments, coordinating site visits and assessments, inter-agency involvement, case conferences and court appearances
  • Make sure you comply with all due process and evidence gathering throughout the duration of the unauthorised encampment
  • Negotiate positively between all the different parties involved
  • Advise on media issues
  • Advise you on how to deter future incursions

Report an unauthorised encampment

Guidance on legal powers available to private landowners

For detailed advice or support dealing with an unauthorised encampment on private or public land, contact us on 01603 222473 or NSGRTS@norfolk.gov.uk. 

Please note that due to the operational nature of this service it may not always be possible to answer your call immediately, therefore please leave your contact details and an officer will respond as soon as possible.

Unauthorised encampments on Park and Ride sites

Documents relating to the application for an injunction against unauthorised encampments at Norwich Park and Ride sites and Park and Ride site plans of the areas affected can be found here:

Park and ride injunction document 1
Park and ride injunction document 2
Park and ride injunction document 3
Park and ride temporary injunction