Gypsies, Roma and Travellers

All local authorities in Norfolk and Suffolk including the police, Clinical Commissioning Groups and children and young people’s services are working together to coordinate improved services for Gypsies and Travellers, whilst balancing the needs of the settled communities.

A joint Norfolk and Suffolk Gypsy Roma and Traveller forum has been established and meets regularly with the aim to ensure the statutory we can respond effectively and collaboratively to the welfare of Gypsies and Travellers across both counties.

We provide short term support to Gypsies and Travellers with accommodation and related support needs.

This includes Gypsies, European Roma and Travellers who are on unauthorised encampments, authorised or private sites, in temporary accommodation or in bricks and mortar accommodation.

We also operate an out-reach service with families to promote access to education.

Unauthorised encampments

An unauthorised encampment is where any person camps on land they do not own.

Across Norfolk and Suffolk we have a newly revised Protocol for Managing Unauthorised Encampments which aims to achieve a balance between the rights and needs of all the people involved.

Unauthorised encampments are due to the travelling nature of the Gypsy and Traveller’s  lifestyle and the shortage of sites nationally.

If you have an unauthorised encampment in your area, call the Norfolk and Suffolk Gypsy and Traveller Service on 01603 222573

If the encampment is on privately owned land, it is the owner’s responsibility to deal with that encampment. However the service can offer advice on how to take action.

Authorised Gypsy and Traveller sites in Norfolk and Suffolk

In Norfolk and Suffolk there are a number of authorised Gypsy and Traveller sites, both council owned and privately owned. These are spread across the region.

A universal register of need for those wanting to live on council owned sites in Norfolk and Suffolk has been developed. There is just the one application form, but individual allocations policies will apply.

To apply for a site in Norfolk or Suffolk, contact the Norfolk and Suffolk Gypsy Roma and Traveller Service on 01603 222473

Unauthorised developments

An unauthorised development is where any person has developed one area of land they own for residential use but without planning permission.

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