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We are looking for 5 new recruits who have a passion for the outdoors and an interest in improving access to the countryside in Norfolk.

Our new Forum recruits will work alongside existing members to help us make improvements for countryside access in ways identified in the NAIP (Norfolk’s Rights of Way Improvement Plan), our blueprint for action. Members act for their appointed interest area directly, representing the views of others within their category, and in a wider strategic way. This enables the NLAF to offer advice on ‘bigger picture’ access issues in Norfolk such as:

  • Improving countryside network connectivity
  • Helping tackle climate change
  • Improving people’s health

Members are committed to improving access for outdoor recreation and the responsible enjoyment of green spaces. They work objectively and positively with other members of the NLAF and NCC officers.

We need 5 new NLAF members who will be appointed to represent the views of:

  • Young people
  • Those with physical disabilities and metal health issues
  • BME groups
  • Boaters, anglers and swimmers

And to improve people's health and wellbeing through access to the countryside. 

Young people 

How can we encourage more young people to take advantage of our valuable public access network in Norfolk? How can we ensure their voice and views are included as we develop countryside access in Norfolk? We would like a young person in this role.

All abilities access 

In addition to direct improvements that can be made such as access-audited routes, ramps, seats, handrails and accessible gates, what more should be done and how can we improve outdoor accessibility?

Health and wellbeing 

Connection with nature is associated with wellbeing and happiness in children and adults and exercise outdoors can help tackle health problems such as obesity. What more needs to be done to increase the number of people who benefit from being active outdoors on our public rights of way network?

BME groups 

Green spaces are vital for our mental and physical health, but black and Asian people are less likely to regularly visit natural settings and so miss out on the pleasure and health benefits that access to the local countryside can bring. How can we address this in Norfolk?

Access to land at the water’s edge

Working closely with the Broads Authority and Environment Agency and relevant parish councils, can you help us improve boat launching, mooring, swimming and angling opportunities accessible from the public rights of way and wider access network?

Apply to be an NLAF member

Please email if you have any queries or would like paper documents sent to you. The closing date for applications is 21 June 2021.

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