MASH performance measures and outcomes

It is important that the MASH can measure the success for ensuring the safeguarding outcomes for children and families.

The MASH outcomes have been agreed by the Board and performance measures are being developed to enable these outcomes are measured.

The diagram below shows the relationship between performance measures and the high level outcomes that will be monitored and managed by the MASH board.


The outcomes are developed from the agreed multi-agency aim and objectives of the MASH:

“The MASH is the county’s central point of contact for safeguarding concerns aimed to significantly improve the sharing of information between agencies, helping to protect the most vulnerable children and adults from harm, neglect and abuse.”

The MASH physically and virtually co-locates key multi disciplined professionals from partner agencies to facilitate an integrated approach of early quality information sharing, analysis and decision making in order to identify risk and assess more effectively risk and the immediate and long term service needs of children and vulnerable adults.

All new safeguarding concerns and enquiries are received in the MASH, information is collated using combined professional knowledge to build a holistic picture of the circumstances of a case enabling the identification and assessing of any presenting or emerging risks for children and vulnerable adults.


The Norfolk MASH service delivery model is aligned to the recognised five national core MASH elements and objectives.

All notifications relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children are to go through the hub.

Co-location of professionals from core agencies to research, interpret and determine what is proportionate and relevant to share

The hub is fire walled, keeping MASH activity confidential and separate from operational activity and provide a confidential record system of activity to support this.

An agreed process for analysing and assessing risk, based on the fullest information picture and dissemination of a suitable information product to the most appropriate agency for necessary action.

A process to identify victims and emerging harm through research and analysis.

From the above the overarching Norfolk MASH objectives for all partners are:

  • To provide the highest level of knowledge and analysis of all known intelligence and information across partners within the Norfolk Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub to ensure all safeguarding activity and intervention is timely, proportionate and necessary for keeping children and vulnerable adults safe
  • Thus ensuring each partner is in the best position to make effective decisions for excellence in safeguarding practice and the relevant agency takes on the referral


In developing the Norfolk MASH the following benefits have been achieved:

  • Closer partnership working
  • Clearer accountability
  • Less duplication of effort
  • Greater emphasis on early intervention and preventative action to address issues of concern before they escalate
  • Low level of repeat referrals
  • Reduction in the number of inappropriate referrals ultimately made


The overarching outcome of the Norfolk MASH is:

“Better safeguarding decision making for vulnerable children, adults, individuals and families through a multi agency integrated approach to improve the protection and service delivery to the families.”

To ensure we are successful achieving this outcome the following criteria need to be considered:

  • Timeliness of decisions
  • Quality of decisions
  • Confidence in the MASH from customers
  • Volume of referrals through the MASH

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