County Council Plan

We have a clear strategy for the future – it’s called Moving Norfolk Forward, and it means looking at the whole organisation differently.

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Focussing on our priorities

  • Excellence in education – working for a well-educated Norfolk where people are prepared for real jobs with good wages and prospects
  • Real jobs – making Norfolk a place where businesses are able to grow or want to relocate to, because we are so well connected
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Supporting vulnerable people – including helping people earlier before their problems get too serious

One public service

  • Redesigning services around people’s lives
  • Achieving better outcomes
  • Working with public sector partners and local communities

A smaller, leaner council

  • Ruthlessly driving out costs and being more commercial  
  • Getting better value for money and understanding the real cost of services
  • Reducing demand by enabling communities, helping people earlier and improving online services

Case studies

Our new service for adult education in Norfolk, Norfolk Community Learning Services, is focussing on those who need to improve skills to get work or improve their prospects. We offer dedicated courses leading to qualifications. 

We prioritise ‘second chance’ learning for those who left formal learning without basic qualifications – like maths or English GCSE or NVQs. These will largely be subsidised via government grants.

We will also continue to offer courses for ‘leisure and pleasure’ where Norfolk residents want the opportunity to learn or improve in subjects that enrich their lives – such as yoga, photography, art or creative writing. They won’t necessarily lead to a qualification but are often vital for well-being.

We’ve also reduced costs by no longer producing a printed brochure, instead putting all the courses online – making it easier for people to find out about and book the right course at a time when it suits them.   More people than ever before have started a course this year.

More about Norfolk Community Learning

Our investments in streetlighting have included 5,000 new LED bulbs (about 10% of the streetlights in Norfolk), saving more than £1m a year in energy costs.

We will invest another £2.5m in the coming year upgrading 5,000 more lights – and cover this cost through energy savings over the next five years.

You can report faulty streetlights online and track the progress of repairs to lights you’ve reported.  

Future You is a careers app aimed at 13-21 year olds. It highlights the six key growth sectors in Norfolk and matches key skills, interests and subjects to their ideal career.
Norfolk’s six growth industries have been identified as follows:

  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Life sciences
  • Creative industries
  • Financial Services
  • Health and social care

The app guides young people through career choices in Norfolk so they can match their skills and aptitudes to a wide range of careers within the growth sectors.

More about Future You

We want to support more older people to continue to live at home, for example after a hospital stay, and for them to get the help they need to do this locally. 

We’ve put just over £2m into the budget for ‘reablement’ services – that’s help for people who’ve had illnesses or been admitted to hospital, to return to their own home safely and with confidence that they can cope.

We expect this to improve the quality of people’s lives and save more than £5m a year.