Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review

We are preparing a Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review, to consolidate the three adopted DPDs into one Local Plan, ensure that the policies within them remain up-to-date and to extend the plan period to the end of 2036.

The national Planning Practice Guidance states that most local plans are likely to require updating in whole or in part at least every five years.  The requirement for a planned five-yearly review was incorporated into the adopted Minerals and Waste Core Strategy.

The current adopted plan period is up to the end of 2026; the review will extend this plan period up to the end of 2036 to ensure consistency with the other plans being developed by the Local Planning Authorities in Norfolk.

Once adopted, the Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review will contain the policies used to determine planning applications for mineral extraction and associated development and waste management facilities in Norfolk.

The Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review process will take place in stages:

  • Initial Consultation (June/July 2018)
  • Preferred Options consultation (December 2018)
  • Pre-submission publication (September 2019)
  • Submission to the Secretary of State (December 2019)
  • Examination (March 2020)
  • Adoption (October 2020)

Latest news

At the Environment, Development and Transport (EDT) Committee meeting on 18 May 2018 it was agreed that a public consultation will be carried out on the first stage of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review, called the 'Initial Consultation'.  The public consultation will take place over six weeks from 29 June to 5pm on 13 August 2018.

Where possible, the County Council would prefer comments to be made directly online.
Responses can also be sent by post or email to the following address:
Post: Planning Services, CES, Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2SG
Any comments that you send will be published on Norfolk County Council's website.
All comments, using whatever method, must be made by 5pm on 13 August 2018.

Due to its size, the Initial Consultation document is published below in two parts:

Background documents relevant to the 'Initial Consultation' on the Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review are:

We are also consulting on the draft Statement of Community Involvement.

Previous stages

A ‘call for mineral extraction sites’ took place from 26 June to 4 August 2017.  We asked for proposals for potential specific site allocations for carstone, sand and gravel, or silica sand extraction in the period up to 2036 as part of our Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review process.  We are not seeking proposals for the extraction of any other minerals.

Only sites with an estimated resource of at least 500,000 tonnes will be considered for allocation, unless the site will be operated as an extension to an existing permitted site.

We asked for information about the proposed site and the area surrounding it, including:

  • A map of the site location and proposed HGV access route
  • Landowner willingness for the site to be included as a mineral extraction site allocation
  • Borehole data and a statement as to the quality, quantity and extent of the mineral resource which is of commercial interest
  • Information on planning constraints relevant to the proposed site location (including environmental designations, landscape, the historic environment, agricultural land, amenity and infrastructure)

Planning for mineral extraction

As part of the production of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan, Norfolk County Council will assess the predicted demand for mineral extraction up to 2036 and aim to allocate specific sites to meet the predicted demand.

The sites that are allocated in the adopted Minerals Site Specific Allocations DPD, for which planning permission has not yet been granted, will be reassessed as part of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review, alongside any potential new sites proposed in response to the current ‘call for mineral extraction sites’.  There is no guarantee that existing allocated sites will continue to be allocated in the Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review.

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