National Bus Strategy – Bus Back Better

Bus service improvement plan

We have developed and written a bus service improvement plan for Norfolk. This is part of our commitment to improving bus services in Norfolk and will help us gain access to some of the government’s £3bn National Bus Strategy funding. In March 2022 Norfolk County Council received notification from the DfT of an indicative offer of £49.6m for Norfolk. This money will help to put our bus service improvement plan into action. We are now working alongside bus operators to shape details of what the money will be spent on.

A vital part of this is understanding what is important to residents, and what will help to attract more people to choose public transport for their journeys more often. The Bus Service Improvement Plan consultation is open till Tuesday 5 July.

Take part in the bus service improvement consultation for Norfolk

Download the bus service improvement plan


Our enhanced partnership

In March 2021 the government announced a new National Bus Strategy called Bus Back Better. A key part of this strategy is greater local leadership and joint working between local transport authorities (LTAs) and bus operators. In response Norfolk has formed an Enhanced Partnership between NCC and bus operators who are working together to improve the public transport network in Norfolk so that it is more accessible and available for local people and their way of life. One of the aims is to increase the number of people travelling by bus in Norfolk and help to reduce carbon emissions and improve local air quality and quality of life.

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