Strategic planning and infrastructure

The Strategic Planning team is responsible for supporting the delivery of infrastructure that contributes to sustainable housing and jobs growth for Norfolk. This includes:

  • Producing the Norfolk Strategic Infrastructure Delivery Plan
  • Responding to Nationally Significant Infrastructure projects
  • Seeking developer contributions for infrastructure from new development using our planning obligations standards
  • Monitoring housing, employment and retail trends
  • Working collaboratively with stakeholders on energy and water projects

Strategic Infrastructure Delivery Plan

We set out our priority projects every year in our Strategic Infrastructure Delivery Plan (SIDP). Our goal is to deliver projects that will provide significant economic, housing, and jobs growth across Norfolk.

We develop our SIDP in partnership with a range of stakeholders. We review it each year as projects are completed. We ensure that these projects align with:

  • our priorities for improved infrastructure
  • the ambitions of the New Anglia LEP Norfolk and Suffolk economic strategy
  • the district councils' local plans

The SIDP supports our environmental policy commitment to achieve ‘net zero’ emissions on our estates by 2030 and the focus areas of the County Councils Climate Strategy. Within our wider areas, it supports our work towards ‘carbon neutrality’, also by 2030. The projects included in the SIDP are designed to build back better and build back greener, in accordance with the UK government’s objectives, including:

Strategic Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2021

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