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Norfolk youth parliament

What is it?

Youth parliament enables young people to use their energy and passion to change the world for the better.

Members of youth parliament are elected every two years in Norfolk. The next election will be in 2022.

What do members of youth parliament do?

Members of youth parliament:

  • Meet with MP’s and local councillors
  • Organise events
  • Run campaigns
  • Make speeches
  • Hold debates
  • Make sure the views of young people are listened to by decision makers

It's important for a member of youth parliament to represent the views of young people in their area. Any member of youth parliament can set up a campaign and any young person can support it and make a difference.

The youth parliament is part of the British Youth Council. Find out more about the UK Youth Parliament.

What we are working on?

UK Youth Parliament will launch its Make Your Mark ballot for young people on the 1 November 2020 as part of UK parliament week. This nationwide ballot gives young people aged 11-18 the opportunity to shortlist the topics they feel are the most important issues facing young people across the UK.

This year’s campaign will give members of youth parliament and volunteers across the nation the chance to invite young people to have their say, influence the Government and the decision-makers in their communities.

How can I become a member of youth parliament?

Any young person who is a resident of the UK and aged between 11 and 18 years old (inclusive) has the right to stand for election as a member of youth parliament. They also have the right to vote for their member of youth parliament.

The next election in Norfolk will be in 2022. Find out more about the election.

Who is my local member of youth parliament?

Find out who your local member of youth parliament is.

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