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Register a birth

Birth registrations can still be completed in the current national lockdown period.

All registrations must be done in person and by appointment only.

If you are a Suffolk resident but the baby was born in Norfolk you can now register at the Lowestoft Register Office and obtain the birth certificate at the appointment.

Notify us of a birth

Our team will be in touch to talk you through your options for making an appointment to formally register a birth once you have notified us of the birth.

We are currently prioritising births that took place earlier in the pandemic, so if you wish to register a more recent birth please do not be concerned if we do not respond immediately.

The deadline of 42 days within which a birth must be registered has been temporarily suspended by the Government.

Registrations are by appointment only, our offices are closed except for customers with scheduled appointments.

We will be in touch as soon as we can.

This can be complicated and depends on the family circumstances:

  • If the parents are married to each other when the baby is born, then either the mother or the father can register the birth
  • If the parents are not married and they would like the father's details to be included in the register either both parents will need to attend
  • Or either the mother or father may attend with a Statutory Declaration or other legal documentation

Note that in registration there is a difference between a ‘civil partner’ and a ‘partner’:

Your ‘partner’ (ie someone you are not married to) is not legally linked to you for registration purposes.  A ‘civil partner’ is someone of the same sex with whom you have been through a legal ceremony of formation of civil partnership.

Adding father’s details later

If the parents are not married, the mother does not have to have baby’s father’s details included in the register if she does not wish to.

The mother needs to be very sure about leaving baby’s father’s details off the register however, as adding his name at a later date would take a further more complicated appointment.


You can re-register your child if you get married to their natural father.

To re-register you should make an appointment at the registration office where the child was originally registered.  If this is not possible they can be re-registered by making a declaration at any other registration office in England and Wales. To make an appointment telephone 01603 306149.

Before you can re-register, you will need to complete a LA1 form for each child. This can be obtained from any registration office or downloaded from GOV.UK. At the time of re-registration you will need to produce the completed LA1 form plus the child's full birth certificate and the parents’ marriage certificate.

Can someone other than the parents register the birth?

In certain exceptional circumstances someone other than the parents may register the birth.

Contact your local registration office if you need to ask for this option.

A birth has to be registered in the registration district where it occurred.

A birth that occurred in Norfolk can be registered at any of our registration offices in the county.  

If it will be difficult for you to travel to the right registration office to register the birth you can go to a registrar in a more convenient place anywhere in England or Wales. We call this registering by declaration.

You can make a ‘declaration of the birth’ in Norfolk but the paperwork has to be sent to the office in the district where the birth occurred. That office will register the birth and post you the birth certificates, but it will mean a delay of up to five days.

Please bring the Registering the Birth form issued by the hospital or midwife if possible. This form has the baby’s NHS number on it and is often referred to as the hospital discharge papers. It will help speed up your appointment if you bring this form with you.

You are not required to bring your baby along to your appointment.

You will be asked for the information listed below:

  • The date and place of birth
  • If the birth is one of twins, triplets etc, then the times of the births will be needed
  • Baby’s full name and gender
  • Full names of child’s parents, including previous names
  • Date and place of birth of child’s parents
  • Occupation of child’s parents
  • Mother’s address at time of birth
  • Date of marriage of child’s parents (if this applies)
  • The number of children previously born to the mother (including any stillbirths)

We recommend that you bring documents such as birth certificates, passports or driving licenses to help you with the accuracy of the details you provide.  Any errors in a birth entry noticed after the register page has been signed can be complicated to correct, and from 1 November 2017 new legislation means you may be required to pay a fee for an application for a correction to be considered.

We will process a range of information in order to complete this registration. View our information and privacy notice 

If you need to cancel an appointment, contact us as soon as possible.

There are two types of birth certificate: a short certificate and a full certificate.  A short birth certificate gives the child’s name, sex and date of birth only.  A full birth certificate shows all the details given during the registration for the child and the parents (assuming the father's details are recorded).  This includes the name(s), address(es), occupation(s) and place(s) of birth of the parent(s).

A birth certificate is needed for many reasons, such as opening a bank account or applying for a passport.  It can also be used to apply for child benefit.

Both types of birth certificates cost £11 each.  This price applies for certificates ordered both on the day or any time after the registration.  Certificate fees are set at a national level.

To make a change or apply for a correction to a birth certificate, contact us and you will be directed to a full-time office.

Note that further to national legislation, from 1 November 2017 you may be required to pay a fee for your application for a correction to be considered.  This will depend on the type of error that needs correcting.  Our registration staff will give you more information.

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