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Website privacy notice

What this page is for

This privacy notice explains how we, Norfolk County Council (the County Council), uses any personal information you give to us online on our website, and the ways in which we protect your privacy when visiting us online.

By 'use' we mean the various ways your personal information may be processed including storing and sharing the information.

This Privacy Notice should be read alongside our Cookie Policy.

How we collect your information online:

  • via online forms and customer data bases
  • via Your MyNorfolk account
  • for online payments 
  • for customer website feedback 
  • for email alerts and newsletters

Further details

We also provide more information in our general privacy notice on our website regarding:

  • Who we are
  • How long we use your information for (unless set out in this notice)
  • The name and contact details of our Data Protection Officer 
  • Your rights under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR)
  • How to exercise them

How we collect your information online

We collect personal information from visitors to our website in several ways, for example:

  • requests for information or services via email and online forms
  • requests for information or services via Customer account (MyNorfolk account)
  • customer feedback via an online form or optional online survey
  • online payments
  • email alerts and newsletters
  • live chat 

This is explained in more detail below.

Online forms and customer databases

When we collect information via online forms, we will only ask for the information required to effectively deal with the enquiry or application. Information provided will either be sent to an email inbox or will added to a customer database.

Our main customer database is CRM provided by Microsoft Dynamics. For some Norfolk County Council (NCC) services, they may also hold customer information in a service specific database. All our customer databases are subject to data quality controls in line with the GDPR. We use the information provided to process customer enquiries, provide the required service, verify customer identity, update customer records, and test/resolve system or process errors.

More details about how your information is processed by each of our services can be found in our detailed privacy notices for the County Council's various services on our privacy notice page on our website.

Some of our online forms are built on platforms supplied by a third party, for example:

  • Granicus forms (GovService): data held on this platform is held entirely within the EU and the cookies used are essential to know that you are logged in and are the same unique user when you go to each page. See Granicus' privacy policy for more information
  • GOSS forms: GOSS is a cloud hosted SAAS. All data is stored, processed and managed in the UK and GOSS are a UK-based service provider. For full information see: GOSS Privacy Notice.

Customer account including MyNorfolk account

If you sign up for a MyNorfolk customer account, we will use the information you provide to:

  • resolve any queries or process any applications you may make through the account
  • understand how we can improve our services or information
  • offer status updates if appropriate
  • signpost to other relevant services

You can apply for the following services through your MyNorfolk account:

  • skips, scaffolds/hoardings, vehicle access (dropped kerbs), and electronic vehicle charging cables on the highway (for businesses)
  • access your social care account - for adult social care or child's social care

We also provide some other customer accounts for specific purposes, for example:

  • jobs
  • school admissions
  • select adult learning courses

More details about how your information is used in relation to these accounts can be found in our detailed privacy notices for the County Council's various services in our privacy notice page on our website.

Find out more about your MyNorfolk account.

We use your email address and name to provide your MyNorfolk account (if you sign-up for one). Our lawful basis for using this information is Contract (please see our website terms and conditions). You do not have to provide these details; however, if you do not, we will not be able to provide a MyNorfolk account.

Online payments

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for online payments. A standard supported by major internet browsers. We protect your transactions by using technologies and encryption software. All of your personal and payment card details are protected using encryption when transmitted over the internet.

Customer website feedback

Customers can give us feedback about our website, online information and transactions, either by contacting us via a web form (see 'Contact us'), or using the online feedback facility as follows:

  • GovMetric provides an optional feedback facility which customer can access from the bottom corner of any page on our website, and then rate and give feedback on that page. Contact details are optional, and are only used to contact the person about their feedback at their request. The results are processed by ROL Solutions Ltd (who act on behalf of GovMetric) and are accessed by the Customer Services team at Norfolk County Council. Neither the County Council nor the service providers pass any personal information to anyone else. The information provided is used to build an overall picture of the general locations of people who use the website (ie via postcode) and their experiences so we can make our website usable and useful to all our visitors.

Email alerts and newsletters

We are currently using DotDigital to deliver our email newsletters and alert services. When you subscribe to our newsletters your email address is held on the DotDigital platform to enable us to send you newsletters/email alerts. 

You will only receive messages that are relevant to the service that you have subscribed to. You have the option to subscribe to additional County Council newsletters or you can unsubscribe at any time by following the links in each email we send. 

Live chat

We use live chat software on our website, this is provided by Click4Assistance, a 3rd party UK based Software Company.

Information regarding how the data is processed and stored can be viewed here

External links

Our website contains links to other external websites but, please be aware, this privacy notice only applies only to our site. So you should always take care when you are moving to another site and read the privacy statement of any site which collects personal information. Norfolk County Council accepts no responsibility or liability for these sites.

We do not pass on any personal information you have given us to any other site except in the case of online payments where we transfer your details to our online payment partners (banks), and you enter your credit or debit card details on their secure website.

You should also be aware that communications with Norfolk County Council (including online transactions) may be subject to monitoring and recording.

Changes to this notice

We may amend this privacy notice at any time so please review it frequently. The date below will be amended each time this notice is updated.

This notice was updated in June 2024.