Who to tell

When someone dies you will need to contact a wide variety of organisations to inform them of the death.

We offer a service to help you with a number of central and local government department notifications, such as the Passport office, the DVLA and Department for Work and Pensions; called Tell Us Once.  Tell Us Once is offered at every death registration.  The details of the registration are entered on the Tell Us Once system by the registrar and you will be given a reference number.  You can then complete the notification either online or by telephone directly with Tell Us Once after the appointment.  Full contact details will be given to you by the registrar.

Further information about Tell Us Once.

Tell us once

A list of organisations you may need to contact is below. In some cases they may require a death certificate. Those marked with a * are notified by Tell Us Once:

  • Bank
  • Benefits Agency*
  • Blue badge*
  • Building society
  • Child’s school or childcare provider
  • Concessionary bus pass*
  • Council tax*
  • Credit card companies
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • DVLA - driving licence*
  • Employers
  • Hospital clinics
  • Household insurance
  • Inland Revenue*
  • Internet provider
  • Landlord
  • Local housing department*
  • Library*
  • Life assurance
  • Mortgage
  • Motoring insurance
  • Motoring breakdown policy
  • Passport*
  • Pension plans
  • Post office
  • Premium bond office/National Savings and Investments
  • Private health care provider
  • Social services (meals on wheels, equipment, home help)*
  • Solicitor
  • TV license authority
  • Utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone)
  • Vehicle registration

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