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Interreg France (Channel) England

Interreg France (Channel) England (FCE) is an EU programme set up to foster economic development in the south of the UK and north of France by funding innovative projects which have a sustainable and economic benefit in the Programme’s eligible regions. It focuses on a range of specific objectives including supporting innovation, improving the attractiveness of the FCE area and developing low carbon technologies.

The eligible area of the Programme includes the South and East Coasts of England from Cornwall to Norfolk, and the North Coast of France from Finistère to Pas-de-Calais.

The FCE Programme still has over €100 million available for the development of new projects. With a deadline of 2020 for final applications prospective applicants considering becoming a project partner or applying for funding should email East of England facilitator at this address to start the process.

Case study

ICE - Intelligent Community Energy

The ICE project is dedicated to improving, developing and promoting new smart solutions for energy production, storage and consumption for an island or remote community.

Lead by Bretagne Developpement Innovation, nine organisations have partnered up to tackle the challenge of energy vulnerability in areas located at the end of the distribution network and reliant on fossil fuel.

By the end of the project, these new solutions will be included in a full commercial offer that will be proposed to other insular or peripheral territories facing the same energy challenges, in the Channel area and beyond.

The project is funded at 69% by the Programme, representing a European Regional Development Fund budget of €5.5m.

This programme has three priorities, split into five specific objectives.

  1. Support innovation in order to address the economic and societal issues facing the France (Channel) England area
    • Increase the delivery and uptake of innovative products, processes, systems and services in shared smart specialisation sectors
    • Increase the quality and the effectiveness of service delivery to the most socially and economically disadvantaged groups through social innovation
  2. Support the transition to a low-carbon economy in the France (Channel) England area
    • Increase the development and uptake of existing or new low-carbon technologies in the sectors that have the highest potential for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Enhance the attractiveness of the territories of the France (Channel) England area
    • Realise the potential of the common natural and cultural assets to deliver innovative and sustainable growth
    • Enhance and protect the coastal and transitional water ecosystems

Applicants can submit a project idea as either a Regular project or a Micro-Project.

Regular Projects

  • No maximum project budget
  • 69% intervention rate


  • €500,000 maximum project budget
  • 80% intervention rate

Regular Projects

  • Open to all organisations
  • Organisations must be located within the Programme area


  • Open to organisations employing less than 50 people and have a turnover of less than €10 million.
  • Organisations must be located within the Programme area

The minimum requirement for a project to be eligible is for the partnership to have at least one English partner and at least one French partner, both based in the programme area.

The partnership has to be balanced between the types of partners, and demonstrate its complementarity and the specific contribution of each partner.

Regular Projects

  • Open call for project applications with a new, simplified 1 phase application process.


  • Two calls for project applications per year
  • Next two calls:
    • 10 October 2019 – 24 October 2019
    • 19 March 2020 – 08 April 2020

More details about the application process can be found on the Interreg France (Channel) England website.

You can find further information on the programme website, which also includes contact details for the Facilitators who are available to advise you on project ideas, and to help you find potential partners.

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