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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The following links are the most up to date government guidance on using PPE. It is vital that you understand and implement this guidance correctly.

Getting hold of PPE

If you cannot get hold of PPE from your usual supplier and you are not interested in purchasing it from Norfolk County Council, alternatives can be found on New Anglia Growth Hub's online directory of PPE suppliers. For further information about the directory, please email

For those of you who showed interest in purchasing from Norfolk County Council (who will not be making a profit from the sale of PPE), you will have been sent the price list, terms and conditions (T&Cs) and purchase order form prior to the launch of the service. You can also find the T&Cs and purchase order form below. For any queries please contact our dedicated mailbox for PPE matters

National Supply Disruption Response line

Where usual suppliers are unable to meet demand, providers should contact the National Supply Disruption Response team in the first instance before contacting Norfolk County Council to obtain emergency supplies:

Telephone: 0800 915 9964

The position on accessing PPE from government supplies is set out in the following letters:

Urgent PPE supplies

There is a limited amount of PPE to meet urgent needs. Stocks of PPE will be dispatched to providers who meet risk-based criteria. To access this stock, providers with urgent requirements of PPE (ie people with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 and less than three days’ supply remaining) should email

Please note that this should be a last resort as other options for obtaining PPE are now available. Only a three-day supply will be allocated to assist while you await deliveries from your usual supplier.

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