What happens when you contact us

When you contact us about your care and support needs or those of someone you are caring for, we will help you to:

  • Get the information and advice you need to plan for your current and future care needs
  • Remain as independent as possible and stay in your own home
  • Get the care and support you need
  • Carry on caring and look after your own wellbeing if you are a carer

To help you do this we will:

  • Give you good information and advice about care and support, or signpost you to other good sources of information
  • Offer early help and support to help you stay independent or regain your skills and independence first before considering ongoing support
  • Put you in touch with organisations in your local community that may be able to help you
  • Help you to identify if care and support will help you with changes you want to make in your life and the best way of making these changes
  • If you are a carer we can put you in touch with carers support services who can help or work with you to plan your support
  • Advise you of any charges for services

We may offer you an assessment to consider what care and support you might need and how this affects your wellbeing.