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Carers Matter Norfolk - a better offer for carers

Effective and early support for Norfolk’s 99,000 informal carers is a high priority for Norfolk County Council and specifically for Adult Social Services.

The County Council’s Carers’ Charter was launched a year ago to help strengthen support for carers. We know there are around 99,000 informal carers in Norfolk, so we want to reach out to more of those carers who might need support to improve their lives and those they care for.

The Council recognises the importance of carers in Norfolk and has developed an ambitious project to give them the support they need. In partnership with Bridges Outcomes Partnerships (BOP) we have agreed a social outcomes contract that will bring an additional £4.1m of Government funding to this work.

Bridges Outcome Partnerships will work as part of Carers Matter Norfolk to provide a better service to carers so that they get support before a crisis happens.

What will be different?

The main points of contacts for carers such as the advice line, carer connectors and the organisations providing services to carers will not change and carers will continue to receive support from them – the services provided will just be better. This includes Carers Matter Norfolk now providing a carer’s assessment.

The new service will mean that carers no longer need to get support and assessments from different places. This reflects feedback from carers that services are not joined up which has meant being unable to receive support early enough in their caring journey, leading to stress and poor wellbeing.

The improved service from Carers Matter Norfolk will include:

  • A single joined up service to carers in Norfolk that will help improve the quality and number of services for carers
  • A more flexible service that can better respond to individual carer needs
  • A better understanding of carers, including the potential issues they face and the factors that lead to breaking point. This will help to improve and maintain good wellbeing.
  • An increase to front line staff providing direct support to carers
  • A health and wellbeing fund to support carers when they need it
  • A short breaks service for carers who need a break from their caring role

What if I am already receiving the support I need in my caring role?

Nothing will change and Carers Matter Norfolk and Norfolk County Council will continue to provide support and advice as they do now.

When will the new service start?

The new service will start in September 2020. Updates will be provided through Carers Voice Norfolk and Waveney, at existing carers meetings and this web page.

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