Create an emergency plan

An emergency plan provides key information about the person you support. This makes it easier for someone else to support them if you are unable to.

Information in your emergency plan should include:

  • Your details
  • The details of the person(s) your support, including any conditions they have
  • The type of support you provide and how often you provide it
  • Details of 2 or more people who can be contacted in an emergency and the support they will be able to provide
  • How to access the property of the person you support. For example, do they have a keysafe?
  • Details of any assistive technology the person you care for uses, such as a pendant alarm
  • If you or the person you support have pets, you should include details of who will care for your pets in an emergency

If you are a young carer, the Young Carers and Families Support Service provide support for making a young carer's emergency plan.

Register your emergency plan and get an emergency carer’s card

We recommend that you register your emergency plan with us. This will mean adult social care can access your plan and make it easier for them to support you in an emergency.

Complete the Adult Carer Emergency Plan form

You will be able to print the completed plan so you can share it with people in your support network.

Help to complete the form

If you need help to fill in the form, you can contact us by telephone or text relay:

  • Telephone: 0344 800 8020 – this number is open 24 hours a day
  • Text relay (for people with hearing or speech impairments): 18001 0344 800 8020

You can also get help to complete the form from Carers Matter Norfolk. Contact them on 0800 083 1148.

Your carer’s emergency card

Once you’ve completed the form, we will send you a carer’s emergency card.

You should always carry your carer’s emergency card with you. It states that you’re a carer and that someone is relying on you to keep them safe and well.  It also shows your emergency plan number and the emergency helpline number.

What happens in an emergency?

Call the emergency helpline number shown on your emergency carer’s card and give the number of your emergency plan when asked. If you are unable to call the helpline yourself, someone else can do this for you.

The emergency helpline service will contact the emergency contacts named in your plan. Your contacts can then help the person you care for.

We will arrange temporary emergency care for the person you support if:

  • The emergency helpline service cannot contact your emergency contacts
  • You don’t have anyone who can help nearby

This is to allow enough time to plan what will need to happen next.

Updating your emergency plan

You are responsible for keeping your emergency plan up-to-date. You will need to update the plan if:

  • The support needs of the person you care for change
  • The person you care for is prescribed a new or different medication
  • One of your named emergency contacts is no longer able to provide support
  • One of your named emergency contacts changes their phone number or address

To update your plan, you'll need to complete the Adult Carer Emergency Plan form with the up to date details.

This will ensure that adult social care have access to the most up to date version of your plan. If you have shared your plan with people in your support network, you should also make sure they have a copy of the most up to date plan.

Carer's emergency card leaflet

You can download a copy of the carer's emergency card leaflet for printing if you want to share the information with someone.