Supporting someone who may be considering suicide

Don’t be afraid to ask someone directly if they are thinking about taking their own life.  Research has emphasised that asking the question and listening with compassion is helpful.  It does not imply encouragement.

Six steps to supporting someone to safety

  1. Do they have a safety plan?
  2. Do they have access to medication, firearms?  Sit with them if possible.
  3. Let them know there is hope, they are not alone.  There are lots of people and support services out there that will help them to get through this.
  4. Suggest they think about what's good in their life - the people and things in their life that are meaningful to them.
  5. Talk about their passions or what makes them happy.  Chatting about their favourite music or film, hobbies and interests may help to change their mindset.
  6. Above all – talk!

Support services

Support assets

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