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Early help is the support given to families as soon as there is a problem in a child's life.

Your child will be much better off if you get help with a problem sooner rather than later. If you have difficulties in your family, or if you are are worried about your children, there are people who can support you.

If family life feels unsafe or difficult to cope with, or if you are worried about the safety or welfare of a child, contact us and tell us about it.

Who can help

Most of us get the best support from the people who care about us - our friends, families and the community we live in. This is our family network.

Find out more about family networking and how it can help on the Just One Norfolk website.

If you need more help than your family network can give, you can speak to people like your health visitor, child’s school or family doctor. You can also get help and support in these places:

Early help assessment and plan

Sometimes you might need extra support to help things improve.

An early help assessment looks at what is working well for your family and what is not working so well.

Any professional person who is working with you and your child can complete an assessment with you. They will get everyone's view, including children and young people. Together you will decide what you may need support with.

Following the assessment you, your family network and workers will work together on your family plan to help you achieve your goals.

Once all of the goals on the plan are achieved your family plan will end. You can always start the process again if new problems come up in the future.

Request early help

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