Family support process and documents

Step-by-step guide to the family support process

Includes links to supporting documents and forms which partners will use during the process.  You can download forms to complete them.  Use the button links to upload your forms.  You might find frequently asked questions about the family support process useful.

Step 1

Download and complete the request for support form.

Checklist:  Please note, on the third and fourth pages of the form there is an information sharing and consent agreement.  This must be completed with all adults and age appropriate children before support can be offered.

Step 2 

Upload your request for support form

Step 3

Download and issue a copy of the privacy notice letter to any household members not present. 

Step 4

Download and complete an assessment form.  You might want to use the Signs of Safety model tools and resources to complete the form.

Step 5 

Upload the assessment form

Step 6

Contact the appropriate professionals and agencies.  Arrange the 'team around the family' meeting with the family, children and other organisations who are involved.

Complete the plan which you can download delivery plan and/or review.

Step 7

Checklist: The delivery plan must be consented to and signed by all adults and age appropriate children before submitting.

Upload the delivery plan and/or review after every meeting.  Pass on to the other professionals working with you.

Upload the delivery plan and/or review

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