Norfolk County Council's Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government – Local Digital Fund Bid

STP Bed Flow Management Tracker

Norfolk County Council are leading the development of a full system wide STP Bed Flow Management Tracker primarily designed to aid in the demands on the system during winter pressures, for the Norfolk and Waveney STP footprint.  The types of organisations within the footprint include 3 Acute Hospitals, 1 Mental Health Trust, 1 Community Health provider and a local authority care home provision viewpoint.

The tracker has the functionality to show a full system wide view of the bed capacity and demand across the Norfolk and Waveney STP footprint through one dashboard that can be available to all the key STP stakeholders to aid in managing bed pressures, especially winter pressures.  There is also a provider specific dashboard available to each organisation that identifies the number of occupied beds, number of empty beds and the demand of patients currently not in beds at ward level, and at organisation wide level.  There are also filters available to view the information by quinary age bands, gender, ward type, ward classification and bed group.

The prototype has been designed to take a generic bed state dataset from the NHS provider organisations on a 15-minute cycle 24 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.  The dataset is sent and received via a secure file transfer process and is digested into Norfolk County Council’s award-winning Data Warehouse analytical solution -  GRID which has been developed to enable better business insights being key to delivering better decisions.

STP Bed Flow Management Tracker – Prototype Screenshots




The schedule below shows the estimated high level key milestones.  More detailed low level milestones will be identified as the overall user requirements are identified.

Product / Milestone Projected End
Prototype Dashboard Development Complete 31st October 2018
All STP Data Sets uploaded regularly for prototype complete 31st October 2018
Prototype deployed Live 30th November 2018
Local Digital Fund Bid Successful Dec-18
Resource and Integrate Project Team Jan-19
User Requirements complete January/February 2019
Technical/Dataset Requirements complete February/March 2019
Development complete April/May 2019
User Testing complete May-19
Live Dashboard (no longer prototype) May/June 2019

Stage Deliverables/Outputs for the STP Bed Flow Management Tracker

The phase of the project has been accepted onto the Programme straight into Gate 2 – Design and Delivery. This is due to a Prototype development already being used by some of the STP community.  Below shows the outputs to be delivered and who is responsible for their delivery in the Project Team:  The Deliverables identified below will be produced and distributed using the agreed corporate project templates.



Objective of Deliverable


Definition and Design

Project Initiation Document

Outline description of the project to include:

  1. Business Case – objective, scope,
  2. High Level Project Plan
  3. Resources/Stakeholders
  4. Assumptions/Constraints/Dependencies
  5. Initial Risks/Issues
  6. Acceptance Criteria
  7. Approach/Controls/Tolerances
  8. Communications/Change/Quality/Configuration Management



Record Issues, Risks, Assumptions, Lessons etc. identified and regularly review, update and share with Project Team and Project Board


Project Plan

Detailed plan of the work to be completed across the project stages to ensure delivery on time, to cost and of quality. Regularly updated with the progress of the project and with names assigned to tasks


Communication Plan

Detailed plan on how the project will be communicated to the different stakeholders to what level and in by what medium


Product Descriptions

Create any component Product Descriptions needed for a stage of the project to ensure clarity of what is required.


Technical Design


Design the service including required design review activities

NOTE: May be repeated for phased design and delivery and if using an agile method

Technical Team



Commence development and building of the solution based on the outcomes of the above stage

Technical Team

Test Plans

Develop a series of scenarios based on the overall requirements and design. Testing Plans will be developed, at a minimum for System Testing, Integration Testing, Regression/Penetration Testing, User Acceptance Testing.

Project Team

Sign Off Tests

Acceptance Criteria met

Project Team

User Guide (if necessary)

With the customer, and if deemed necessary, produce a User Guide to the end user.

Project Team

Service Introduction Form

Ensure that prior to Go Live that the service has the required set up in place to support the product once Live, ensuring all affected parties are aware of the responsibilities



Project Close

Upon successful live implementation and following a period of stability close the project, ensuring lessons learned are well documented.