Apply for the post16 travel scheme

If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). you don't need to apply for travel assistance. The Travel Independence Training Team (TITAN) are already assessing who is entitled to travel assistance and you will hear direct from one of the TITAN team soon if it's appropriate for your child.

Before applying for the post16 travel scheme check our guide to local public transport operators. They offer discounted fares for students that are often cheaper.

New students

Apply online for the post16 travel scheme

Post-16 transport applications for September 23/24 will be available around Easter time - further details to follow.

Visit Post16 travel scheme cost and payment options for information on cost, reduced rates if you receive qualifying benefits and how to pay. If you are receiving qualifying benefits, it is helpful to have a copy of the proof of benefit ready to submit with your application.

You can track your application with our travel pass search. Allow five working days from the date you applied before checking.

Returning students 

We will email or write to you with an offer of continued travel assistance. You will need to accept the offer with our online form:

Accept an offer of transport