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Moving schools during the school year

Moving to a different school at any time other than the usual admission to Reception class, transfer to junior school or transfer to secondary school, is known as an ‘in-year transfer’. 

This could be a move between Norfolk schools, or a move to a Norfolk school from a school in a different area. You will need to make an online application to apply for the new school place, or complete and return an application form.

Under no circumstances should you withdraw your child from their current school before an alternative school place has been allocated.

Finding a school

You can only make one application for a school place in a school year, unless there is a material change of circumstances. For example, a significant house move and you are no longer able to get your child to their previous school. If you want to transfer to a school outside of Norfolk, you need to contact your new local authority to ask about their admissions process.

If you have concerns about your child’s current school

If you want to move your child because you are concerned about their current schooling, you should raise the issue with:

  • The class teacher (primary school)
  • Head of year or member of the pastoral care team (secondary school)

If the matter remains unresolved, you should approach the headteacher. They may wish to discuss your reasons for requesting a school transfer and be given the opportunity to put matters right.

Apply for an 'in-year transfer'

Read the In-Year Admissions Guidance (pdf) before you begin your application. 

Apply online

or complete and return a paper application form:

Please note, all applications will be dealt with as quickly as possible but can take up to 15 school days.

If you have further questions about admissions please contact us.

How soon can a transfer happen?

Children will usually start their new school at the start of the next term, depending on when the application is received. See the timetable below.

If a family has moved a significant distance and travel to their current school is unreasonable, the below timetable does not apply. The admissions team will process the application as soon as it is received.

Timetable for in-year transfers

Application received Start at new school
5 July – 31 October Spring term (after Christmas)
1 November - 28/29 February Summer term (after Easter)
1 March - 31 May* Autumn term (start of new school year)

*Decisions regarding preference(s) will be sent out before the end of the summer term.

Timetable for late applications for Autumn term entry

Application received Date processed Start at new school
1 June – 4 July After 4 July** Autumn term
5 July – 31 October After 31 October Spring term

 **Late applications will be considered after all on-time applications. Where possible we will send out decisions before the beginning of the new school year.

The schools below do not take part in the in-year coordination scheme. You should contact the school direct to apply for a place:

  • Glebeland Primary School, Toft Monks 
  • St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Norwich
  • Martham Primary and Nursery School Trust (Academy)
  • The Free School Norwich
  • St Augustine's RC VA Primary School, Norwich
  • St Martha's RC VA Primary School, King's Lynn
  • Winterton Primary School And Nursery, Winterton-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth

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