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Virtual school for children in care

The Virtual School for Children in Care supports children and young people who looked after by us (the local authority). The virtual school has a headteacher, a reference group, management team and staff. It is just like a ‘real’ school.

What do they do?

Their role is to ensure that children in care get the best possible support with their education. The virtual school will support and challenge:

  • Schools
  • Us
  • Relevant partners - carers, social workers and other professionals

Looked after children and young people will already be in a mainstream school or specialist provision. They are also on the roll of the virtual school and will get additional support and encouragement if needed. The virtual school monitors the progress of the pupils on its roll and puts in place specific support to help them succeed. The virtual school does not replace the child's existing school, but instead complements it.

For more information visit the Virtual School's website.

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