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Apprenticeships allow you to work for an employer, earn a salary and gain a qualification whilst getting valuable workplace experience.

Find out more about being an apprentice and where to find apprenticeship opportunities in Norfolk.

Being an apprentice

You get training to develop new skills and knowledge to use in your current job and future career.

Your training can be workshops, webinars, shadowing other staff or working on a new project to advance you skills. Training needs to be relevant to your job role and is completed during normal working hours. Training accounts for around 20% of your workday – the rest is spent doing your job role.

Apprenticeships at Norfolk County Council

We support the Government’s investment in apprenticeships by offering apprenticeship opportunities at Norfolk County Council (NCC).

We recruit apprentices across our departments to suit all ages and experience levels.

You earn a salary whilst helping raise skills and aspirations for Norfolk. The apprenticeship aims to give you a pathway to a successful career through the skills and experience you gain.

NCC apprenticeship opportunities are open to:

  • Existing NCC staff
  • People who don’t currently work at NCC – no matter what your experience level or age

Find out more about becoming an apprentice with us.

Search and apply for apprenticeship opportunities at NCC.

If you have a question, email our NCC apprenticeships team at

Find an apprenticeship in Norfolk

Our Adult Learning team at NCC work with Norfolk employers to offer and deliver tailored apprenticeship programmes. They work with a range of employers and industries, from local businesses to large national brands.

Find out more about apprenticeships through Adult Learning and how to apply.

If you have a question, email our Adult Learning team at

Get advice from Apprenticeships Norfolk

Supported by NCC, Apprenticeships Norfolk offer impartial advice about apprenticeships. This includes how apprenticeships work and how to get one.

Apprenticeships Norfolk work with a network of people including training providers, schools, employers and other organisations. Together they provide support around apprenticeships to increase the number, level, range and quality of apprenticeships in Norfolk.

If you have a question, email our Apprenticeships Norfolk team at

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