Connecting the Norwich Lanes

The Transport for Norwich partnership are proposing a series of projects, which aim to:

  • Make it safer and easier to get around on foot or by bike
  • Support outdoor hospitality and boost the local economy
  • Improve air quality

A range of inter-connected schemes makes up the overall vision for the area and proposals include:

  • A new riverside footbridge between Duke Street and St Georges Street
  • Making the temporary measures to remove general traffic on St Benedicts Street and Exchange Street permanent
  • A new cycle track and crossing facilities on St Andrews Street
  • Creating a better environment for enjoying the St Giles Street area on foot

These are just some of the plans we put forward for consultation in July and August 2021. The feedback received on each of the project areas is currently being analysed and, where appropriate, the plans revised in response.

The points raised through the consultation will then be reported back to local councillors along with the final proposals for scheme delivery at the Transport for Norwich joint committee meeting in January 2022. This project web page will be kept up to date with the latest information, progress and relevant committee dates.

Consultation on new city centre loading and access times

One element of the consultation this summer was to make the temporary measures to remove general traffic on Exchange Street permanent. The temporary status of Exchange Street is a pedestrian and cycle zone with a closure to motorised traffic between 10am and 5pm, seven-days-a-week. It allows loading and access only at all other times.

Making the closure permanent had a good level of support but one of the points raised was whether an easing of the restriction for loading and access in the afternoon would be better for local businesses. With this in mind, we are putting forward proposed changes to access and loading times for the existing pedestrian and cycle zones in the city centre, as well as proposing the same access and loading restrictions on the new pedestrian and cycle zones put forward in July’s consultation.

We have analysed the footfall figures in the city centre and these show that by 4pm each day, levels are similar to those at 10am. Taking this into account, it is considered that a 10am to 4pm restriction to traffic would provide a more balanced approach and a boost to the local economy without significantly impacting on the other project aims.

It is proposed that the streets shown in the consultation plan in the survey would restrict all motor vehicles from 10am to 4pm and allow loading and access only outside these times. The current loading and access restriction in existing pedestrian/cycle zones (shown in purple on the plan) is between 10am and 5pm.

The purpose of this consultation is to get feedback on the proposals and to gather information that will help inform the final plans put forward for delivery.

Please click on the survey button below to read more about the proposals and share your views.

Take part in the loading and access times survey

You can ask for hard copies by calling us on 0344 800 8020 or emailing Large font and other formats are available on request.

The deadline for consultation responses is Monday 22 November 2021. The feedback received will then be reported back to the Transport for Norwich Joint Committee in January, along with the outcomes and final proposals following the Connecting the Norwich Lanes consultation.

The local councillors on the committee from Norfolk County, Norwich City, Broadland District and South Norfolk councils will then decide how to proceed with the various elements of the project. This web page will be kept up to date with the latest information, progress and any relevant committee dates.


The Department for Transport has awarded Norfolk County Council funding from the Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) and the money is currently being invested in a series of sustainable transport infrastructure projects through the Transport for Norwich partnership.

This work includes the proposal to deliver a number of strategically related schemes as part of a programme, which we’ve called ‘Connecting the Norwich Lanes’. This programme will bring the TCF-funded schemes together with those funded from a variety of other sources to allow a co-ordinated approach to consultation, design and delivery.

Connecting the Lanes

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