About the Norwich Western Link


We will provide a PDF of the study area soon.

Emerging strategic objectives

A range of objectives are being developed to align with our current strategic objectives presented in national, regional and local policy including the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership.

The NWL emerging high level strategic objectives reflect issues and opportunities identified to support the principal aim of a modern and efficient transport system. 

  • Support sustainable housing growth in the western quadrant
  • Improve the quality of life for local communities
  • Support economic growth
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment
  • Improve strategic connectivity with the national road network

At this stage, the final definition of scheme objectives and outcomes would still be subject to extensive stakeholder and public consultation.  This further engagement would also need to establish support for the scheme.

Potential benefits

The development of this link looks to connect the new Norwich Distributor Road (NDR) from the A1067 to the A47 west of Norwich and since construction commenced on the Norwich Distributor Road, there have been sustained calls to complete this ‘missing link’.

The Norwich Western Link will provide a circular route around Norwich giving residents and businesses a number of important benefits, including:

  • Removing additional traffic from our congested suburban city streets and outer ring road west of the city
  • Adding to the benefits that dualling the A47 will bring
  • Reducing rat-running in villages to the west of Norwich, improving quality of life
  • Improving people’s living environment
  • Improving links and journey time reliability to the west and north of the County
  • Improving transport links to the A47 and beyond to the Midlands, including better connectivity to Norwich airport
  • Supporting economic growth
  • Helping to encourage investment into Norfolk and encouraging further economic growth

Key milestones

Subject to all the necessary statutory processes being completed, we are aiming to start construction on the Norwich Western Link in 2022.

October 2017-October 2018

  • Technical work including traffic modelling to develop a preferred set of options

Spring 2018

  • Public consultation on high level objectives and principals

Autumn 2018

  • Public consultation on a set of preferred options

Spring 2019

  • Adoption of a preferred option


  • Development of an outline business case 


  • Statutory Planning Process


  • Start construction