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Public consultation on shortlisted options

We have published four shortlisted road options for a Norwich Western Link, designed to improve travel between the A47 and the western end of Broadland Northway and tackle transport problems in this area.

Our public consultation on these options ran between Monday 26 November 2018 and Friday 18 January 2019.  All the responses to the consultation will be considered and will help us identify a preferred route for a Norwich Western Link later this year.  You can look through detailed information on each of the options in the consultation brochure.

Our analysis of the consultation results is still ongoing, particularly the letter and email responses and the ‘free text’ elements of the consultation survey, so we don’t have a complete picture of the consultation responses as yet. We plan to publish the full results when we announce our preferred route, alongside all the other information which has informed our decision-making, later this year.

However, based on our initial analysis, some of the headline facts and figures from the consultation are as follows:

  • The consultation website was viewed by 3,475 people and a total of 1,245 people came to 17 consultation events staffed by members of the Norwich Western Link project team
  • We received more than 1,900 responses in total, with 1,825 responding via the consultation survey available on the consultation website and 104 sending their responses by letter or email
  • Initial analysis of the responses to the consultation survey suggests there is strong agreement among respondents that there is a need for a Norwich Western Link road, with Option D ranking as the most popular solution, Option C the second most popular and Option A the least popular

There is still a lot of important information we need to consider which will help us identify a preferred route for the Norwich Western Link. The project team are continuing to work hard to gather and take account of all this information before any conclusions are made.

How we will use your responses

We will record all comments received during the consultation period and the project team will consider them carefully.  We will produce a consultation report that will include your comments.

The information from the questionnaire will be used solely for purposes in connection with the further development of the scheme.  Where personal details are received as part of this consultation (eg from email and letter responses) these will be held securely and will not be disclosed to any third parties except where the County Council is required to do so by law (eg where required to do so following a Freedom of Information Act request).

All data including personal data is kept securely and stored in a password protected electronic format.  Paper copies of documents received will be stored in secure cabinets.  Please read Norfolk County Council’s privacy notice for further information as to how your data is used and your rights.

Public consultation on transport issues

This consultation ran between Tuesday, 8 May and Tuesday, 3 July 2018 and asked people for their views on any transport issues that exist to the west of Norwich.

A report detailing the results of the consultation has now been produced - read the report in full.

The Norwich Western Link consultation had two elements – a text-based ‘Initial Views’ questionnaire and a complementary map on which people could highlight transport issues in specific locations.

The Initial View consultation received more than 1,700 responses while more than 750 comments from just over 530 contributors were ‘pinned’ to the consultation map.

The results show that the majority of people who took part in the consultation believe a new road linking the A47 to Broadland Northway (previously the Northern Distributor Road) would help tackle transport issues in the area.  This option was selected more than three times as much as the next most popular option, ‘Improving existing roads’.

The full breakdown of responses to this question, showing how many people selected each option, is as follows

People were asked ‘Although one potential option to tackle transport issues in this area is to build a new road we are committed to examining all of the possible options.  Which options would you like us to explore?’

  • New road linking NDR to A47 - 1,492
  • Improving existing roads - 473
  • Improving public transport - 312
  • Improving cycling routes - 299
  • New cycling route linking NDR to A47 - 276
  • Traffic calming on existing routes - 206
  • Better walking routes - 177
  • New walking route linking NDR to A47 - 136
  • Other - 30
  • Do nothing – 27

People who took part in the consultation were also asked to identify which transport problems were a particular issue in the area to the west of Norwich.  The top three issues people selected were:

  • Roads not suitable for level of traffic (selected by 1,395 people)
  • Rat-running (selected by 1,103 people)
  • Slow journey times (selected by 1,001 people)

People were also asked which issues the County Council should consider when planning any transport improvements in the area.  The top three issues people selected were:

  • Reducing congestion (selected by 1,135 people)
  • Reducing rat-running (selected by 1,115 people)
  • Shortening journey times (selected by 1,026 people)

If you have any questions or queries on the Norwich Western Link please contact the team by email:

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