Transport for Norwich Strategy


The new Transport for Norwich Strategy sits alongside the countywide Local Transport Plan which was backed by the county council’s Cabinet in August this year.

Both documents support the county council’s pledge to achieve net zero carbon by 2030, which councillors adopted as part of the authority’s Environmental Policy in November 2019.

Consultation Feedback

The proposed Transport for Norwich strategy was consulted on from 26 August to Friday 8 October. The feedback received helped to shape the final strategy and the revised strategy was adopted by cabinet on Monday 6 December.

Links to the new strategy, report of consultation Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) can be found below:

Next Steps

Work has now commenced on an action plan to take the strategy forward and the first stage will be to identify and scope out the priority areas of work.

As the action plan develops this page will be kept up to date with the latest progress on the project.

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