Disabled travel enhancements

Norfolk County Council offer blind or partially sighted enhancement and the companion enhancement for disabled travel pass holders.

You may be entitled to one of these enhancements, both or neither, depending on your circumstances.

Blind or partially sighted enhancement

The blind or partially sighted enhancement entitles you to free travel with your pass at any time of the day in Norfolk, without the usual off-peak restrictions of a standard disabled pass.  Your pass will have a clock face at the top, indicating you can travel at any time.

If you have blind or partially sighted enhancement and the companion enhancement, your companion may travel for free at all times as well.  Your pass will have a C in the top right hand corner.

This enhancement is available to you if you are registered blind or partially sighted.

Companion enhancement

The companion enhancement entitles the disabled pass holder to have one companion with them who can travel for free.  Your pass will have a C in the top right hand corner if you have this enhancement.

A companion can be anyone (a carer, friend, relative etc) of bus fare paying age, who can assist a disabled pass holder when using public transport.  It doesn't have to be the same person for each journey.  Please note the companion enhancement is only available to applicants of 12 years of age and over.  The enhancement is not available to children under 12 as it is expected that a child of this age would be accompanied by an adult whether disabled or not.  Therefore the companion should not get free travel to undertake their normal duty as a parent.

If you are eligible for a disabled pass, and are unable to walk to a bus stop, or get on or off a bus without assistance, you may be eligible for the companion enhancement.

Companions can travel with the disabled pass holder on off-peak services (9.30am to 11pm) Monday to Friday and at all times during weekends and bank holidays.

If you also have the blind or partially sighted enhancement then a companion can travel with you at any time.

Although the disabled pass allows free travel throughout England, the companion enhancement is only available when you start your journey in Norfolk and the companion and the pass holder must get on and off the bus at the same point.

The companion will need to pay for their travel on any journeys outside of Norfolk.

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