Our Highway Inspectors inspect our highway network on a daily basis. How often they inspect each road depends on the road hierarchy and is outlined in the Transport Asset Management Plan with the busiest roads inspected more frequently.

The plan also outlines how we would prioritize the highway defects we find. Due to the size of the road network we cannot repair every pothole straight away. Potholes are therefore assigned a priority based on a variety of things including the size, position in the road and how much the road is used.

Where there is a pothole, which if left unrepaired, would cause a significant risk to the public, our teams would request that this is repaired or made safe as soon as possible. However, most potholes will be repaired within 6 weeks of identification.

If a pothole has been outlined with paint it has already been inspected by our team and programmed to be fixed, so you don't need to report it.

If you have seen a pothole please report it using the form below. You can also see on the map if a pothole has already been reported by someone else. 

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