Recycling credits

We pay recycling credits to organisations who collect recyclable materials. This helps us save on the cost of sending rubbish to landfill and helps Norfolk to recycle more and achieve sustainability.

We will pay you recycling credits worth £56.89 for each tonne of household rubbish that you collect and recycle.

Recycling credits can be paid to non-profit groups like

  • Charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises
  • Churches
  • Guides and Scouts
  • Parish councils and district councils
  • Schools
  • Community organisations, like community composting groups

Register for and claim recycling credits

How to set up a scheme

Decide on the materials you would like to collect

Think about what other facilities that are already available in your area and what you think will be most useful for those in your local community. Materials collected must only come from households (not businesses). All materials must go on to be recycled by a registered merchant/recycler with Norfolk County Council. You will also need to consider the value of the materials you are collecting. Some recycling merchants will pay you for the materials you have collected, although some may make a service charge. It’s better to choose materials that have a long-term stable price, as prices change over time.

Decide where your recycling facility will be located

This could either be on land belonging to you or a consenting landowner. The site must be easily accessible by the public, as well as by lorries servicing the recycling banks. Space to park cars next to the recycling banks is also useful and makes it easier for those using them.

Arrange collection with a merchant

All materials need to be collected by a recycling merchant registered with Norfolk County Council. A full list is available on request. If you are a community composting scheme you will also register as a merchant.

Start collecting

Once you have everything in place you can start collecting. You might like to advertise your scheme in your local community to encourage everyone to get involved.

Further Information

If you have any queries about Recycling Credits or would like further information please contact