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Are you worried about your behaviour?

It takes strength to admit that you are abusing your partner. But if you really want to change, you can. Violence is learned behaviour.  You can unlearn it – but you will only be successful if you can:

  • Accept responsibility for the abuse. You cannot blame your actions on your partner, or on drink, drugs, stress or work
  • Accept that the abuse comes from your desire to control your partner. Understand the ways you control that person and why you behave like this
  • Realise that you have a choice. You choose to be violent or abusive, and you can choose not to be
  • Accept that your partner has a right to live their own life without being dominated and controlled
  • Stop using anger to control your partner
  • Seek help from professionals. Start by talking to your GP who can refer you for counselling, or contact a local support group

Can anyone help me change?

Perpetrator programmes exist to help men change their behaviour and increase the safety of women and children.  Programmes normally consist of small groups of men from a range of backgrounds.

Group sessions look at the causes of violence and abuse, helping men understand why they are violent.  Men are asked to take full responsibility for the abuse and recognise the impact of their violence on their partner and children.

Participants also learn different, non-abusive ways of behaving within a relationship.

Most programmes are in contact with the woman a perpetrator abused in order to ensure the ongoing safety of her and her children.  Details of the Domestic Violence Intervention Programme.

Who should I contact?

Respect – the national association for domestic violence perpetrator programmes and associated support services – can help you find a programme.  Visit the Respect website.

Norwich Connect

Phone: 01603 628122
Visit the Norwich Connect website

  • Do you every feel sorry for something you have said or done to your partner?
  • Do you ever wish you did not behave in these ways?
  • Would you like to be seen as a good partner or parent?

Norwich connect offer a service for anyone who knows they behave in ways which they regret or gives the impression they are not the person they want to be.

If you would like to change you behavior and become some one you can be proud of and other people respect, our Engage team can help you.

We offer one to one support initially but you may be able to join a group if this works better for you. We will give you a range of ideas of how to change your behavior, how to keep your family safe as well as help you to understand the things you have done but regret.

For more information or to self refer please contact our office on 01603 628122.

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