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Felix and Freya need your help!

Fire safety is very important, and our top tips will help keep your whole family safe. And we need your help to spread these important messages across the whole of Norfolk.

Stay safe at home

You can help to keep everyone in your family safe from fire by learning Freya and Felix’s top fire safety tips! It's very important to know how to stay safe at home, especially with the whole family spending so much time together.

Fires are very dangerous, but there are simple things you can do together as a family to reduce the risk of a fire taking place in your house.

Download the Fire safety top tips sheet to learn how to stay safe at home and work together to make your home safe from fire.

You can also download a variety of activity packs helping you to learn about fire safety and the role of the Fire Service.

Felix and Freya’s worksheets

Felix and Freya need your help to get our firefighters working. Can you solve all the challenges and become a Junior Firefighter in the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service?

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