Service disruptions and closures

Coronavirus is currently causing disruptions to certain council services. Severe weather may also cause some services to close.

Get the latest updates here, including school closures and event cancellations.

Services will be running normally unless stated otherwise.

Coronavirus is affecting how some schools and education services are operating.

School updates

See which schools have closed

Most libraries are now open with limited services.

Libraries updates

See which libraries have closed

All of our recycling centres are open as usual during the pandemic, with social distancing measures in place. However, severe weather may still cause some or all centres to close during this time.

Recycling and rubbish updates

Recycling centre closures

All Norfolk Museums have reopened apart from Tolhouse Gaol, which remains closed for the time being.

Museums updates

See which museums have closed

Stay in touch by visiting the Museums website, social media channels and requesting the museums e-newsletter. You can also visit our museums from home page

We appreciate that you may have concerns about how the Government’s fast changing response to the coronavirus may affect your ceremony or registration appointment. Check our registration services page for the latest updates.

Some of our training schemes remain suspended at present. For any queries regarding this, please e-mail

The Norfolk Record Office reopened on Tuesday 13 April 2021.

Find out more about visiting the Norfolk Record Office.

Due to the continued effects of the pandemic, we may not be able to process your requests for information within statutory time frames. 

To help us respond to you as soon as possible, please:

  • Contact us via email instead of post when possible
  • If you would like to see personal information we hold, please read our accessing information page before making a request
  • If you have a Freedom of Information or environmental information query, please check the following resources to see if your question has already been answered:

If after checking these resources you would still like to make a FOI / EIR request please use our online form.

We recognise the importance of FOIs, EIRs and subject access requests but this places an extraordinary burden on overstretched staff and ask you to consider the necessity of your request at this time.  The Information Commissioner's Office is aware that councils continue to struggle at this time.  We thank you for your ongoing support.

The Planning Service is working remotely until further notice. This means that we are unable to process postal enquiries. If you need to contact an officer, or have left a voicemail message or sent a letter since 14 March 2020 and not received a response, please email leaving your contact details and an officer will get back to you.

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