Trade Union facility time

Norfolk County Council supports the principle of collective bargaining and believes that industrial relations matters are best resolved by discussion and agreement. In this context, the we recognise the value of trade union membership for employees.

Trade unions represented in the Council;

  • GMB
  • BMA (British Medical Association)
  • FBU (Fire Brigades Union)
  • RFU (Retained Firefighters Union)

The data below excludes school-based stewards;

  • Total number of staff who are union representatives – 69
  • Full time equivalent estimated time spent on union duties – 1.74 full-time equivalent
  • Union representatives who devote at least 50 per cent of their time to union duties – 3 (2.5 full-time equivalent)
  • Estimate of spending on union duties – £90,034
  • Estimate of spending as proportion of the total pay bill (defined as non-schools employee-related costs as reported in 2015 Council budget) – 0.04%

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