How we set this year's budget

At a meeting on 12 February 2018 Members of Norfolk County Council voted to agree a budget for 2018-19 which will see the total gross amount spent on Adults and Children’s social care increase significantly by £48m compared to 2017-18.  This investment in key services is part of a package designed to put the authority on a secure footing for the future.

The decision, with 47 Councillors voting in favour, 23 against and no abstentions, means the county council’s share of the council tax increases by 5.99% to £1,322.73 – a rise of £74.79 for a Band D property, or around £1.43 extra each week.

This includes a 3% adult social care precept permitted by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, with a further 2.99% to fund the recommendations of service committees.

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