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Police and Crime panel

The Norfolk Police and Crime Panel (“the Panel”) has been established to maintain a ‘check and balance’ on the performance of the Police and Crime Commissioner (“the Commissioner”), Lorne Green, who was elected on 5 May 2016.

The Panel will both scrutinise the actions and decisions of the Commissioner and support and challenge the Commissioner in the exercise of his functions.

Meeting formally around four times per year, the PCP will examine and make recommendations on various aspects of the Commissioner’s activity, and in particular must:

  • Review the draft Police and Crime Plan for Norfolk
  • Scrutinise the Commissioner’s Annual Report
  • Review and scrutinise decisions and actions by the Commissioner
  • Review and veto the Commissioner’s proposed Council Tax precept levels
  • Review the Commissioner’s Conduct – the PCP can suspend the PCC if they are charged with a two year imprisonable offence and report to IPCC, however they cannot remove the PCC
  • Confirm proposed Chief Constable and senior officer appointments
  • Appoint an acting Commissioner, if required


The Panel is a joint committee of the County Council, Borough, City and District Councils.

It must consist of 10 councillors (at least one from each authority) and two independent members (not councillors) co-opted by the Panel. Breckland District Council, Broadland District Council, Great Yarmouth Borough Council, King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council, North Norfolk District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk District Council, will each appoint one councillor. Norfolk County Council will appoint three councillors, picking up as far as possible the requirement to ensure political balance across the county.

Panel Arrangements

Complaints about the conduct of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk 

One of the Panel’s responsibilities is to deal with complaints made about the conduct of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

The Panel wishes to provide a process which is simple to use and accessible to all, and to give people confidence that their complaints are being dealt with effectively.

Please read the information below, and if you wish to make a complaint direct it in the first instance to:

Chief Executive
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk
Jubilee House
Falconers Chase
NR18 0WW

Telephone: 01953 424455

What we can do

Complaints about the conduct of the PCC are dealt with either by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) or by us, the Panel.

Any complaints alleging criminal conduct (or which indicate criminal conduct may have occurred) by the PCC must be recorded, and then referred to the IOPC for investigation.

Any other complaints are handled by us, usually through informal resolution. Informal resolution means encouraging, helping and bringing about the resolution of a complaint without going through legal or formal proceedings.

We can consider complaints about the way a decision has been made or the behaviour of the PCC if this has caused problems for you. For example, you may think that they have not followed the proper process for taking a decision.

What we can't do

We can't question action taken by the PCC simply because you don't agree with it, such as a policy decision or funding decision. If that is the case, you should write to the PCC to express your views or attend one of his public question and answer sessions.

We don’t have the legal powers to deal with complaints against any of the following:

  • The Chief Constable
  • Police officers or police staff
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner’s support staff or Chief Executive; or
  • Independent custody visitors

If you have such a complaint, please view information on the Commissioner’s website which will explain where you need to direct your complaint.

Additionally, if you have made a request to the PCC to review your complaint against Norfolk Constabulary, please note that we don’t have the legal powers to examine the outcome of that review.

More information?

Find out more information about making a complaint in the documents below:


The Panel has published its first annual report

Review of proposed precept 2020-21

At its meeting on Tuesday 4 February 2020, the Panel unanimously endorsed the Commissioner’s precept proposal:

Confirmation Hearing – proposed Chief Finance Officer appointment

The Panel has recommended to the PCC that he proceed with his proposed appointment:

Review of proposed precept 2019-20

At its meeting on Thursday 5 February 2019, the Panel unanimously endorsed the Commissioner’s precept proposal

Review of proposed precept for 2016-17

At its meeting on Thursday 2 February 2017, the Panel agreed to support the Commissioner’s precept proposal.

Appointment of co-opted independent member

At its Annual General Meeting on 15 June 2016, the Panel agreed to appoint Air Commodore Kevin Pellatt FCMI RAF to the role of co-opted independent member for the 4 year term from 1 August 2016 to 31 July 2020, replacing Sharon Brooks.

Review of proposed precept for 2016-17
At its meeting on 2 February 2016 the Panel agreed to veto the Commissioner’s precept proposal.

At its meeting on 16 February 2016 the Panel agreed to support the Commissioner’s revised precept proposal.

Submission of public questions to the Panel

When it met on 8 October 2015, the Panel agreed to reduce the period of notice for public questions to no later than 5 working days before each ordinary meeting of the Panel. An updated copy of the guidance is attached.

Review of the Commissioner’s 2014-15 Annual report

At its meeting on Tuesday 28 July 2015, the Panel endorsed the draft Annual Report.

Letter to Home Secretary

On 26 March 2015, the Police and Crime Panel sent a letter to Home Secretary outlining concerns about the handling of complaints relating to the conduct of Police and Crime Commissioners.

Review of proposed precept for 2015-16

At its meeting on Tuesday 3 February 2015 the Panel agreed to support the Commissioner’s precept proposal.

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